About the HVCCT

The Hudson Valley Center for Cognitive Therapy (HVCCT) is one of the leading psychotherapy practices in the Hudson Valley region, and one of the few that specializes in Cognitive Therapy. Our dedicated and caring therapists are committed to providing their clients with treatment that is effective and time-efficient, with results that last over time.

Therapists at the HVCCT are also committed to the science of psychotherapy. We base our treatment strategies on research data rather than rely solely on the intuition of the therapist. Unlike many other forms of psychotherapy, Cognitive Therapy is extensively researched. Results of decades of research overwhelmingly support the effectiveness of Cognitive Therapy for a wide range of problems, most notably Depression and Anxiety Disorders (including Phobias, Panic Disorder, Social Phobia, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder). In addition, recent studies indicate that Cognitive Therapy is also effective for sleep disorders, relationship difficulties, stress-related medical conditions, and other problems.

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The HVCCT primarily serves the following areas: Rockland County, Orange County, Westchester County, and Bergen County.

Services Offered

Individual Therapy: Individual therapy is offered for adults, children, and adolescents.
Couples Therapy: Cognitive therapy has been applied successfully to the treatment of couples. Couples are taught to identify and modify thoughts, assumptions, expectations, and beliefs in order to increase satisfaction in their relationship. Behavioral strategies, such as communication enhancement, are offered as well.
Family Therapy: Family therapy can help family members pinpoint problem areas and devise strategies to improve family relationships. HVCCT psychologists are well versed in working with blended families and adoption issues.
Formalized Testing: The HVCCT offers formalized testing and is available to perform psychological assessments for adults, children, and adolescents. Areas of assessment include intelligence, developmental disabilities, and personality and emotional issues.
Education: We at the HVCCT believe it is important to educate professionals, as well as the community at large, about the benefits and applications of Cognitive Therapy. Our therapists stay abreast of the current trends in psychotherapy research and give lectures and workshops for other health professionals.